Spanish shred-heads Gony Zubizarreta and Hodei Collazo fired up their time machine and headed back to 1990's-era Sumbawa, where they put together this smashing homage to the old Taylor Steele flicks they grew up frothing on. Here's what Gony said:

"Since the beginning, Hodei and me grew up watching the VHS tapes produced by Taylor Steele. Momentum, Goodtimes, The Show and Loose Change had a huge impact in our surfing.We always wanted to be part of that generation, having our own section in one of those movies of course. We were on a trip to Sumbawa the other day and decided to make a clip with similar quality, trying to imagine our waves in between Kalani Rob´s and Machado´s part for example. We took the Offspring song from Ross William´s Momentum section, hope it brings you good memories when you watch it."

And Ross digs it: "Yeah boys!!!" he wrote on Hodei's Instagram, much to the delight of Hodei and Gony, no doubt.