Anastasia Ashley is not only the best named pro surfer we know, she also is highly skilled in the art forms of looking good and riding massive waves. It is a lethal combination that led the website The Chive (by its own admission "probably the best site in the world) to do a shoot with Anastasia as "Chivette of The Week". The gallery can be seen here and features such creative angles as having the Hawaiian stand on a surfboard in an array of crazy places, like a desk, a beach, on top of a table football and even on a person!

Anastacia staring out to see and wondering what it means to be a Chivette.

For those with a little more artistic bent, Daniel Russo's clip of Anastasia surfing Waimea this winter adds a moody slow mo creative narrative arc to her various assets.

[mpora_video id='AAdf8sg7h64h']