1. When I was younger I loved Raw Irons, when Andy was on MCD, young and just completely ripping, unrestrained. 2. Another classic oldie was Hawaii 9-0. Back in the day with Tommy Carroll, Michael Ho, etc, I loved that old school shit when I was pretty much a toddler. 2. Recently, Trilogy obviously, Andy’s part especially and Taj too. 3. Young Guns 3, Julian Wilson’s part of course. He’s just mental, crazy. The guy shreds like no other. 4. I loved Campaign as well, Bruce and Andy’s section and then Campaign 2, Andy again. 5. For musical amp up, I like stuff like ASG, Tool and a bit of drum n bass too like LTJ Bukem and Goldie, I also like The Prodigy. But rock n’ roll of any sort mainly, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Wolfmother. Probably right now Wolfmother is what I’ve been listening to mostly, and Jimmy Eat World. 6. Post surf, or driving I listen to the same stuff, no Jack Johnson or anything soppy like that. 7. I never watch TV ever, but if I did it’d be Top Gear, I love fast cars and people being stupid in them. 8. For films I like Lord of War with Nicholas Cage, it’s rad. It’s about arms trading, a pretty gripping story. Also Zoolander is pretty damn funny innit?