Produced by: Don King and Sonny Miller

Narration: (Interview type) Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Ken Collins, Ben Harper…

Length: 42 min

Music: Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, Beck, U2.

Description: See for yourself just how far beyond anybody else in the world Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama are in terms of big wave surfing. Be a first hand witness of what an utter nonsense tow-in surfing has become at Peahi (Jaws to you and I).

Highlights: Well, with Don King behind the lens you’d expect the image quality to be outstanding, state of the art, and you won’t be disappointed. The action is of course ridiculous, including the lesser-known, but no less lethal left at Jaws, hideous wipe-outs, and so on.

Other interesting facts: It won Best Short Film Documentary, Maui Film Festival 2005

Bonus: The making of.