There's been quite a bit of swell around Hossegor these past few days.

But being pretty big and west, not really anywhere to surf except between the jetties in Capbreton with a few hundred other frothers.

Unless of course, you've got a jetski. Which opens up all kinds of waves to those with the balls to take them on. One such human is Alain Riou, who surfed the same bank the Quik Pro France was held on (where he was Contest Director) with Laurent Pujol, Miky Picon and Ben Sanchis.

Laurent Pujol said, "It's been insane, like 10-12ft Pipe with nobody out... Looks like we might be on again later in the week."

In ye olden days, you might have to wait months for footage like this come out on a DVD. Not any more, just need to follow @al1riou 's Instagram...

Damn it was a good day! Thanks @vincentkardasik and the boys @laurentpujol_photographie @mikypicon @benjaminsanchis

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Meanwhile, the Pays Basque held some solid waves on the same swell. You peeped the wipeout porn?