Surfing banter, the best kind!

"Gold cone piece award winning surf journalist, Jed Smith and Surfing World Magazine editor slash Goons of Doom frontman, Vaughan-Dead break down the events of the Oi Rio Pro - from Toledo's aerial theatrics to his tastes in heavy metal music.

A scoop from the tour regarding the real reason behind Gabriel Medina's form slump (kid's been raging till the daylight hours in the world's finest nightclubs).

The question that cripples hipsters and what nots everywhere, what does it mean to be "authentic" in this day and age? In particular in surfing?

We reminisce on the exceptional career of Randy Rarick as he hangs up the megaphone.

All this and much much more, including a very special guest-host slot from Coastalwatch editor and bona fide sports nut, Mike Jennings."