Back with your very favourite radio show, Jed and Vaughan have an on-air meltdown in honour of the Top 35's heroics at this year's Tahiti Pro before going on to discuss last weekend's Red Bull's death slab contest at Ours and whether the invitational got anywhere close to any of the pre-contest hype.

Then in other surf news, there's the death of Dogtown rebel and legend Jay Adams, a peak at Miky Picon's sex life (and what it's like to go out with Stab Magazine's hottest pro surfer girlfriend), a review of Globe's Strange Rumblings premiere in Sydney (until Jed gets kicked out of the after party), and to finish off a list of those big name surfer with organic hessian retreats (sounds obscure but it's totes not, feat. Kohl Christenensen and his off-the-grid avocado farm in Hawaii, the Malloy brothers' Stoke Grove Farm, George Greenought's National Park snake pit-crib, the Yamba Tree House scene circa 1969, Cheyne Horan and the Goonengerry cult. You'll never believe who took out number one - oooooooo!)