Ben Mondy is the new online sensation at, this much you know.


Ever wondered 'Who is this Mondy c**t anyway?'

Well, he's from Oz, he lived in the UK until UKIP deported him and now he lives in Biarritz.

OK, but what does he surf like? Well don't take my word for it, have a look yourself at a documentary on Bournemouth Reef, some of which actually ran on BBC1...

(BBC Producer: We need a Brad from Neighbours Bronzed Aussie type bloke for tonight's piece on Bournemouth. BBC Researcher: I know a guy!)

Perhaps Mondy's all time career low comes when he gets called out at 1.48 by local bodyboarder Karl Read who warns some of the "Stand-ups finding it quite hard to get to their feet unless they're of a high standard... it's not for beginners."

No, not comedians, he's talking about Mondy! Oh the indignity!