The last of the Volcom Pipe Pro series. Here's what them Red Bulls had to say about it.

"The big day is upon us – emphasis on big. With an angry swell squaring up with Oahu's North Shore, the Volcom Pipe Pro looks to be all systems go for the first few days of competition. Suffice to say, it should be one fine event, and one that you must find a way to watch.

But what exactly should you watch for?


Red Bull's "21Days" series has been telling the stories of Jamie O'Brien, Kalani Chapman, Koa Rothman and Ezekiel Lau as they prepare for the event at their beloved Pipeline. Each man is the event for a different reason, but they're all chasing the same goal of glory at surfing's harshest playground.

The final episode of our series sees one of the biggest swells of the year give the boys one last chance to try boards, one last chance to prove themselves superior to their nerves and one last chance to get ready for the Volcom Pipe Pro."