Oli Adams and Micah Lester on the hunt for uncharted waves in Scotland

Devoted British Isles surf adventurer Oli Adams is back at it again, scouring every nook and cranny up and down the U.K.’s cut up coastline in search of yet more hidden world-class coldwater lineups.

However bitter cold and uninviting the climate and lineups may be along the northern-most reaches of the U.K., this remote region is unquestionably where the most untapped potential lies for fresh mind-blowing surf discoveries and, while Adams has built up what many might describe as an unhealthy obsession for getting skunked (particularly when you consider how fickle surf forecasts can be in this part), his expeditions are sure to pay off with time.

On his most recent foray up north, the Cornwall-based ripper hooked up with Australian Constantine Bay local Micah Lester on a mission up to Scotland with Jeep, the teaser for which you see here.

Stay tuned for the full edit which is set to drop later this week along with a feature-length article.