Seven Indonesia-flavoured health hazards you could really do without

Remember, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Best to come prepared.

Seven Indonesia-flavoured hazards to your person to be aware of, if not avoid altogether, or at least until the last day of your trip.

Benchongs – Ladyboys – He-Shes

adrien toyon lady boys

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting intimate with a ladyman if that’s your thing. Some like boobs and punanis, some like willies and Adam’s apples, some like boobies and willies and Adam’s apples all on the same human… But doing so by mistake, judgement clouded by drunkenness and/or disco lights is not an ideal way to pass an evening on your dream Indo trip.
Danger rating: 1/10
Does it hurt? Depends exactly what you get up to…
Recovery time: Our best source reckoned by Monday he was fine.
Misc: “You’re looking at it the wrong way mate, it’s a woman with a cock…”


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