Kikas kicking ass. Credit ASP
Kikas kicking ass. Credit ASP

As you probably well know Portuguese power player Frederico Morais made it to the final of the Vans World Cup of Surfing, rocketing up to 56 in the world rankings and claiming the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year Award.

Along the way he beat John John Florence three times and rode Sunset about as big as it can possibly be ridden. “On the big day, those were probably the biggest waves I have ever surfed, on the biggest board I have ridden, and to do it competition with that pressure was pretty special. I felt I was breaking a few of my own barriers.” Frederico told Surf Europe, the morning after a big night celebrating his amazing result.

However now the inevitable question of a Pipeline Wildcard position has been thrown up. The winner of the Sunset event, Zeke Lau had already qualified for Pipe, via a local wildcard entry, meaning Morais is the only surfer with a mathematical chance of winning the Triple Crown that doesn’t have a start in his sponsors event,  the Pipeline Masters.

Knife through butter and other assorted cliches.
Knife through butter and other assorted cliches.

The people of Portugal via aren’t happy about that and have organised a petition here saying, “As we know that in Hawaii, more than anywhere else, it’s hard to find social justice due to the “weight” of the sites, we decided to create this petition to the ASP also feel the weight of 11,000,000 Portuguese!” Of course other nationalities can also sign.

It does raise, yet again, the problem of the Triple Crown prize, reported as being the next best thing to a World Title, being only available to WCT surfers, and those locals who gain access to the complicated Pipeline Wildcard entry system.

In any case, no official word as yet, and hopefully will be given the chance he has earned. As soon as the word comes in we’ll let you know. In the meantime sign the petition.

  1. eoghan o connor

    yew, go bra!

  2. not even in your dream

    dreaming! remember julian couple years ago who was leading the triple crow ranking. if Zeke was not hawaiian, he would never get the wildcard.
    euro surfers should be help in europe as hawaiian do in hawaii!

    1. TAPADAS

      Complete idiotic comment, surf is a world wide community, there is no Europe or Hawaii, it is all about athletes, thoughts like those destroys the sport! get yourself together man!

  3. Pedro Jóia
  4. Stephen humphreys

    He deserves a shot at the crown…he’s earnt it!

  5. Miguel
  6. Paulo Matos

    should give opportunity to younger, and having been voted for the rookie of the van’s pro, should be given opportunity to show is surf

  7. Paulo+Matos

    should give opportunity to younger, and having been voted for the rookie of the van’s pro, you should be given opportunity to show is surf

  8. rodrigo

    vamos kikaaaaaaaas

  9. Gabriele Piazzoli

    go for it buddy!!!


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